Congratulations to all the players, management and staff at Rangers Football Club for successfully winning the SPFL Division 1 title!


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Hold… Steady……

In the very early hours of tomorrow morning Rangers can clinch the SPFL Division 1 title by defeating Airdrie at Ibrox. Kick-off is 3:45am.
A draw would still keep it mathematically possible, even though Dunfermline, who come to visit this Saturday, have a goal difference 53 goals worse off than ours!
Tonight will certainly give the players a chance to bounce back from the disappointing performance at the weekend. Thankfully we did enough to get a draw in what was turning into “one of those games”. 33 attempts on goal prove that at least we are still creating a barrel-load of chances so to say Albion Rovers led a charmed life would be an understatement!
In the interest of balance, Albion Rovers created 3!
In other news the contract with Media House and therefore with “toxic Jack” Irvine was finally cancelled yesterday. Good news for fan pressure although there is still a long long way to go!


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Scottish Cup quarter-final tonight

Tonight Rangers face Albion Rovers at Ibrox for a place in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup. Both Aberdeen & St. Johnstone qualified yesterday with Inverness facing Dundee Utd in the other clash today. The draw for the semi-finals will take place after our game tonight. Incidentally both semi-finals will take place at Ibrox with the final at the piggery.
The match tonight will kick-off at 11:30pm and will be shown live in Trafalgar via Rangers TV.

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Union of Fans Statement

The Hong Kong Rangers Supporters Club would like to express our complete support for the following statement released by the “Union of Fans”.

Following a meeting of The Union of Fans that currently comprises representatives of the following fan groups – The Rangers Supporters Assembly, The Rangers Supporters Trust and The Rangers Supporters Association, The Blue Order, Union Bears and Sons of Struth – we would like to issue the following statement:

Events over the past few days have left us deeply concerned, once again, about the direction our club is being taken in. We have waited patiently, as requested by Graham Wallace, to see progress as part of his 120 day review, but feel that the latest decision from the board, to line the pockets of shareholders who showed a total disregard for the wishes of fans at the recent AGM, is yet another kick in the teeth.

Over half way through Mr Wallace’s 120 day review we have seen little or no progress. Indeed, the investment committee set up by the board has only been able to secure a loan, at an inflated interest rate of 30% APR, from an existing shareholder. We have spoken to shareholders who were, and are, willing to provide the funds required at considerably better terms than the loan that has been taken from Laxey. This offer has not been progressed by the board or the NOMAD, Daniel Stewart. We would simply ask why?

We note Mr Wallace’s comments that a full process was followed but we have little or no faith that Daniel Stewart or the board have properly analysed the options available. We do not believe that taking a short term loan, at both an inflated rate and securitised against club assets, is addressing the need for a long term solution and urgent investment, and we have seen nothing to suggest this is part of a robust long term plan, despite Mr Wallace’s assertions.

We have no confidence in the current board and would ask Dave King, following his statement yesterday, to set up a trust where fans can place our season ticket money to be released to the club on agreed terms. We would also ask him to lobby all non-aligned shareholders and form a new Shareholders Group to challenge the anonymous shareholders behind Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita, then take control of the board.

We have already had preliminary and productive discussions with respected figureheads for such a trust and we hope they will now step forward and support Dave King and the fans. Fans can indicate their support for the idea by visiting and signing up.
Also, before this board once again unleash their PR bulldog, Jack Irvine, whose only function appears to be to attack Rangers fans, we would like to make it clear that, like Dave King, we are not suggesting a season ticket boycott. Like all Rangers fans we want to support the club financially as we always have, but it has become clear that the board are using our loyalty as a tool for their own ends rather than the benefit of the club. If they will not listen to genuine concerns or involve those with the best interests of the club at heart then they will have to be made to listen.
We cannot doubt the intentions of one of our own who has previously committed £20m to the club we love. Dave King has declared his willingness to raise capital and lead our fight to regain control of our club.
We ask all our fellow supporters across the world to join us, with Dave King, in an effort to return our club to the people whose only interest in making a profit is to reinvest it in our club.

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Rangers vs East Fife

In just over an hours time Rangers welcome East Fife to Ibrox as we again look to take another step closer to the 1st Division title.
The kick-off is 11pm local time and will be shown live in the Trafalgar via Rangers TV.
There will be a one-minute silence prior to kick-off as a mark of respect to Ian Redford.

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Ian Redford 1960-2014

All of us at the Hong Kong RSC are shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of former Rangers player Ian Redford.

Our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.

Rest In Peace.

Ian Redford 1960-2014

Ian Redford 1960-2014


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Merry Christmas from all at the Hong Kong RSC

Wishing all Rangers fans the world over a very Merry, and “Blue” Christmas…..take it away Elvis…

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Results of ORSA Survey

Please find the key results from the recent ORSA survey sent to all of our members:

1) Which ORSA club are you a member of (if any)?

Over 100 responses across all of our members with almost every RSC represented.

2) How have you previously or currently invested in the club? Please select all options which apply:

All respondents are investors in the club from all categories listed. Over 50% of respondents are season ticket holders, over 60% are megastore clients (inclusive of on-line purchases) & over 70% subscribe to Rangers TV.  

3) Please rate your satisfaction with the post-IPO Ibrox board.

Over 70% of respondents were either unsatisfied or very unsatisfied.

4) Please rate the following proposed directors on a scale of 1 – 5?
(1 Fully supported, 2 Somewhat supportive, 3 neutral, 4 Somewhat unsupported, 5 not supported at all)

1 Fully supported: Paul Murray, Scott Murdoch, Alex Wilson & Malcolm Murray.

2 Somewhat supportive: None

3 Neutral: Graham Wallace & Norman Crighton.

4 Somewhat unsupported: None

5 not supported at all: David Somers, Brian Stockbridge, James Easdale & Sandy Easdale.

(Only the majority of votes in each category highlighted)

5) Although not up for election, would you like to the see any of the following joining the Rangers board?

80% of all respondents would like to see Dave King return to the Rangers board. All others received 15% or less.

6) Please rate your satisfaction with the supporters group on a scale of 1 – 5?
(1 Fully supported, 2 Somewhat supportive, 3 neutral, 4 Somewhat unsupported, 5 not supported at all)

1 Fully supported: Rangers Supporters Trust, Sons of Struth & ORSA

2 Somewhat supportive: None

3 Neutral: Rangers Supporters Assembly & Rangers Supporters Association 

4 Somewhat unsupported: None

5 not supported at all: None

7) Further to Q6, Tell us what individual or group/s best represents or aligns with your feelings on the majority of matters concerning Rangers Football Club. Please explain why?

We received a wide range of views covering the different groups representing the support and it would appear that they are in fact fracturing the support. The growth in social media and the highest percentage support for the recently formed Sons of Struth campaign are indicators that the main supporters groups have failed to actively engage their respective memberships, and are struggling to show real leadership in independent thought free from club interference. The RST appears to have support for the structure and overall aims e.g. fan ownership but have no credible leadership that can unite the support.  Local supporter representation remains high yet is not without its critics. 

In summary:

Thank you to all that took part. 

In summary, ORSA will await the result of today’s AGM before engaging further on how the fans in the region can express their collective displeasure and distrust  of the existing directors up for re-election. 
Whilst respectful of an array of opinions, it is clear that the support are seeking immediate change. If the AGM fails to deliver this change, we will take the necessary steps to actively promote an agenda for boardroom change with measures supported by a majority of our members. Additionally, we’ll take steps to ensure supporter representation is meaningful and valued by the club. Whilst we value our collaborations with other supporter groups and a voice at Ibrox under the RSA umbrella is evident that our loyalty and financial investment is being taken for granted. 
We would ask that any institutional investors and significant shareholders clearly put the interests of the club and it’s supporters first when casting their votes today. 

ORSA Committee

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Rangers vs Ayr United

For those coming along to the match tonight vs Ayr United, please note it will be shown in the upstairs private “blue” room!
Kick-off is 11pm local time and will be streamed via Rangers TV.

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Rangers vs Airdrie tonight!

Rangers v Airdrie will be shown live later tonight in the Trafalgar via Rangers TV. As the clocks have gone back, it’s an 11pm start.
As you may have seen there will be a card display at Ibrox today in advance of Remembrance Sunday. On that subject if anyone is finding it difficult to find a poppy, they can be purchased in the Junk Pub where Colin Campbell has also offered all members of the Hong Kong RSC happy hour prices at all times!
poppy day

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