Elgin match postponed!

It’s been quite a week with the bitter-sweet news that we won the “big tax case”. After the initial joy of being cleared it was soon replaced with anger when the realisation that much of the pain, heartache and uncertainty of the last few years could all have been avoided.
For that reason alone, i ask everyone on this list to spend a few minutes to sign the petition calling for an enquiry into this whole debacle.
It only launched less than 48 hours ago and it already has over 14,000.
They require 100,000 to get the answers required.
Please be sure to validate your entry with the confirmation email that will be sent to you soon after.
In other news, the Rangers match scheduled for tomorrow night away in Elgin has been postponed due to safety reasons as Elgin managed to sell over 1,000 tickets more than their capacity!
If anything though its quite amusing considering the SPL crowds are on a nose dive and we get a match cancelled for over-selling a match! You really couldn’t make this stuff up!

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