Save Rangers

The Hong Kong Rangers Supporters Club, as a proud member of the Oceania Rangers Supporters Association (ORSA) and therefore a proud member of the Rangers Assembly fully endorse  the Save Rangers initiative.

If there was ever a time for Rangers fans throughout the world to step up and show our support for our great club, that time is now.

Rangers Supporters Trust Statement

Rangers fans have always, and will always, be the biggest investors in the club. This site will be used as a guide to the level of financial input the supporters would be willing to make should the time come to invest in Rangers. The days of one man owning Rangers should be in the past and we, the support, should become financial stakeholders to ensure our great club will never end up in a similar situation again.

I urge you to back our campaign to Save Rangers and pledge whatever you can afford to save our club.

Like our manager, we don’t do walking away.

Gordon Dinnie Chair of the Rangers Supporters Trust

Rangers Supporters Assembly Statement

“Most fans will be aware that securing the future of our Club and its ability to return to the status and success we all expect will be a huge task. There is a terrific groundswell of support for fans to become involved in taking the club forward in whatever shape or form is best. Many have already indicated a willingness to provide help and this website provides a platform to enable the extent of that effort to be gauged. I strongly encourage all fans to show their support.”

Andy Kerr President of the Rangers Supporters Assembly

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