From the Scotsman

From Martin Hannan’s match report of Celtic vs Dundee United:

“After all the rammies and ramifications that followed that penalty in their last encounter, David Goodwillie broke towards goal and was body checked by Mastjorovic. The only debate appeared to be whether the foul took place in the penalty area.

Inside or outside the box, technically it was prevention of a goalscoring opportunity and the big Swede could have seen a red card. Instead, not even a free-kick was awarded by a referee who did not consult his assistant, and since Majstorovic was booked for a similar offence later, United’s fans could well feel aggrieved that he finished the match on the pitch…”

Neil Lennon’s comments on the incident afterwards:

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PS. From later in the same report: “The Green Brigade unfurled a banner saying Reid Must Go. It was removed. Still, at least their spelling is improving.”

Posted November 21, 2010 by Colin in news

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