Rangers vs Valencia – live at Amici

Rangers vs Valencia – Thursday 30 September @ 2.45am – exclusively live in Amici.

Our Champions League match against Spanish league also-rans Valencia will be shown live in Amici early on Thursday morning.

Amici will close as normal at midnight and re-open especially for the Hong Kong RSC at 2.15am in preparation for the 2.45am kickoff.  There’ll be a fee of $100 per person to cover the cost of this special opening for the bar.

Please note that this game is NOT being shown on Cable TV and we will be watching it via an internet feed.

Club President Scott Semple would like to point out he will *not* be in Amici.  He will be at the game in Glasgow and has told everyone in Hong Kong (and I mean *everyone*) that after the game he will be hanging out in the players lounge.  We hope for the sake of any Rangers players stuck talking to him that his patter is better than the usual nonsense he spouts.


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